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Upon arrival you will be asked to complete our hire form and then taken to your boat
It is appreciated if you could be as close to possible to the agreed hire time but no more than 15 minutes early as we have to prepare boats for others also
Drinking of alcohol from car park to our office is illegal and will jepodise your hire,the marina is a public place and Police do patrol ,drinking in a public place is illegal and does carry fines
Arriving more than 1 hr after agreed time unless contact has been made will forfeit your hire

All alcohol is byo in moderation and at our discretion you may be asked to take some back to your car and not on boat
Spirits can only be in premixed cans or bottles from bottle shop unopened ,home made mixes will not be allowed on the boat,beer wine etc is ok ,sensible amounts for the duration of your hire only
Any person who arrives intoxicated or showing signs of substance abuse will not be permitted on boats
As with a car the driver must be under .05 to drive a boat,and the others must be in a manner fit for public or bond will not be refunded and Police called

Mirage boat hire allow our boats to go as far north as wave break island ,not in sea way,and as far south as Carrarra footy stadium and where indicated on maps we provide and brief you on at time of hire,operating outside of our designated area will result in loss of bond
We also ask that the boat be not parked on sand anywhere ,the boat must be anchored min 3 mtrs from edge at all times

Unfortunately we do not allow any pets on boats at all

All hirers of boats must pay a bond as per web site from $500 to $1000 incase conditions of hire on hire form are not met and any other verbal directions which may be deemed nessesary on the day ,a copy of hire form will follow this page
Bonds can be paid with cc or cash ,they must be done in person by person hiring the boat at time of completing hire form
Mirage boat hire staff will show you over the boat and you are welcome to take as many pictures as you like
Bond will not be refunded if conditions of hire are not met or any other conditions applied to you for safety on the day of hire or for any conduct which is antisocial behavior or where police are called for assistance

Mirage boat hire staff will brief you in the area of operation and go through and extensive map of the safe places to go and where not to go ,good fishing and swimming spots etc
We will also show you operation of the boat you are on
Unfortunatley we do not hire to anyone that can not demonstrate they have driven similar boats at least 5 times before ,this is for your safety and the safety of others
We do not allow group hires of boats as all boat must be 10mtrs from anything or 3 mtrs from shore at all times

All bookings must be paid for in full at time of booking, you can use cc over the phone ,cash or in some cases direct deposit
Please call our office on 07 55912553 to book during b/h 9am to 4.30pm
Bookings are essential and without you may be inconvienienced
We do not refund for change of minds

Cancellations for other than agreed bad weather will result in no refund
We cannot control the weather but at no time would we allow anyone to take a boat out that would place anyone in an unsafe situation
Should the weather on the day be deemed unsafe by Mirage boat hire a transfer to another day or if not possible we would refund all money paid
We do not allow cancellation prior to day of hire based on forecast

Mirage boat hire will not hire a boat to anyone that has not driven a similar boat at least 5 times,this is for safety of all
We must be able to clearly communicate and the hirer must be able to read and write in English to complete the hire form
No experience ,no go
We can take you for a guided tour with one of our experienced skippers if you wish ,cost determined on number of people etc

Apart from our party boats driven by our skippers we do not allow 2 groups out together on separate boats on same day
Boats are not allowed to be tied together ,they must be at all times 10mtrs from another boat and 3 mtrs from shore
Hire rates are as per website but are subject to change
During peak times and public hols a higher fee is applicable
Hire times are from 9am to 4pm or as arranged with Mirage boat hire
During summer months we can hire from 8 to 3 or 8.30 to 3.30 plus normal 9 to 4 ,these times must be arranged when booking and cannot be changed if you arrive late,going a little earlier in summer can help avoid tomuch sun and possible late storms but all hires are still maximum 7 hrs
We generally do not hire later than 2pm as all boats are due back at 4pm and anything less than 2 hrs is really not worth it as you wouldn’t get to see the waterways properly
Bookings are essential and payment is due at time of booking
During off peak months ,not school hols, we may not be open every day especially on poor weather days ,please always call first to avoid inconvienience

As per hire agreement it is expected that a reasonable amount of care be used towards tidiness and general use of boats ,excessive untidiness will result in cleaning fees as per hire form,possible loss of bond for extreme situations

From time to time we have different companies selling our boat hires
Vouchers are used to give you a discounted hire and for us to pick up business in quieter times
To use a voucher you must abide by both theirs and our terms and conditions
Vouchers can not be used on public hols or peak period between xmas and new year or as indicated on voucher
To use a voucher you must book ahead inside dates indicated on voucher
Vouchers can not be used on same day,must be booked min 48hrs ahead

Mirage boat hire will only hire bbq pontoons from our budget range to all guys for a maximum of 4hrs at the same price as all day due to some over abuse of alcohol and antisocial behaviour which has occurred unless driven by our skipper which will cost extra $40/hr and must be arranged 48hrs before hire
On our 20 and 35 person party boats max 3 hrs for all guys
Any entertainment must be authorized by Mirage boat hire before day od hire to avoid dissapointment